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The Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing your hardwood floors is a cost-effective way to make them look brand new. It is also an important maintenance step to keep them looking beautiful.Hardwood Floor Refinishing

A complete refinish will include sanding the floor to remove scratches and other imperfections, staining it, and applying a top coat. A professional like Hardwood Floor Refinishing Bergen County NJ best does it.

Unless the floors are badly damaged, having a professional hardwood floor refinisher refinishing your wood flooring is often more cost-effective than replacing them. Refinishing costs can vary depending on the type of damage, age, and moisture levels of the hardwood and the extent of the repair required. The size of the room will also affect the refinishing costs.

The first step of refinishing your hardwood is to sand the floor. This can take between two and four days for one room. After sanding, the floors must be stained. Choosing the best stain is important, as it can help to enhance the beauty of your wood and give it character. Stains are available in both oil-based and water-based formulations. Water-based stains dry faster than oil-based and do not emit as much odor during the process.

Once the stain is applied, a top coat of polyurethane is needed to protect the hardwood floor from dirt and moisture. A gallon of a quality polyurethane typically costs $25 to $50. Polyurethane is also available in both oil-based and water-based forms. Water-based polyurethane is easier to use and dries more quickly than oil-based polyurethane, which makes it a better option for homeowners living in the home during refinishing.

A professional hardwood floor refinisher can provide you with an accurate estimate for the cost of your project. They can recommend the right products, stain, and finish to ensure the best results. They can even help you choose a color or style for your new hardwood. A professional will also be able to handle any issues that may arise during the refinishing process, such as deep scratches or water damage.

It is important to hire a hardwood floor refinishing company with good customer reviews and a high level of craftsmanship. You can find these companies using a number of online services, including Yelp and Angi. You should read all the reviews carefully to make sure they are authentic.

Hiring a professional hardwood refinisher will also save you time and money in the long run. Refinishing hardwood floors requires specialized equipment and can be time-consuming. A professional will know how to work with different types of wood and can get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home and add value. They are durable, easy to maintain and clean and don’t trap dust like carpets do. Hardwood floors are also a natural, renewable and sustainable material. Refinishing hardwood floors is a great way to renew that beauty and extend the life of your wood flooring. However, it’s important to choose the right stain color and finish to avoid a costly mistake that will require a refinishing job in the future.

The most eco-friendly option is to choose a stain with a low-VOC content. Stains with a low-VOC content are made from natural ingredients such as beeswax, Carnuba wax, vegetable waxes, and tung oil and have very little VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which contribute to the formation of air pollutants. Another option is to use a natural or organic wax, such as that offered by Auro which uses beeswax, Carnuba, tung and jojoba oils and other natural ingredients. Natural and organic waxes are hardwearing, offer protection against shoe scuff marks and enhance the grain of the hardwood floor.

Before sanding, you should close all the windows and doors to keep the dust contained and minimize ventilation. You should also remove all furniture from the room that you’re sanding and cover the pieces that you cannot move with protective sheets. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on sanding and staining and use the appropriate equipment, including a respirator mask if necessary.

After the sanding and staining is done, you can choose to use a varnish or wax. It’s important to choose a product that’s low in VOC and contains natural or organic materials, such as beeswax, carrot, Carnuba wax, vegetable waxes and other plant and vegetable oils. A water-based polyurethane is also an excellent choice because it dries much faster than oil-based and doesn’t yellow with grays or whites.

To ensure the proper sanding and staining of your hardwood floor, choose a Bona Certified Craftsman. These professionals are trained and tested to work with your specific flooring type and condition. They will take all the steps necessary to protect and respect your flooring and the environment.

Easy to Maintain

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home. When well-maintained, they can last for decades and add an air of sophistication and elegance to any room. However, due to daily wear and tear, they can start to lose their sheen. If this happens, it can make your entire house appear drab and unkempt. Refinishing your hardwood floors is a cost-effective and easy way to restore their beauty.

Refinishing your wood flooring can also help to protect them from damage and stains. In addition, refinishing will ensure that the wood stays supple and strong. It can also help to remove dirt and grime, which is often a cause of scratching on wood flooring. Refinishing will also help to eliminate any squeaks or cracks in the floorboards.

Before you begin refinishing your hardwood floors, you should first remove all of the baseboards and other trim around the edges of the floor. This is important, as it will allow you to sand the floors without creating any unnecessary mess or debris. To do this, you will need a molding bar or putty knife, which can be placed between the trim and the floorboards to gently pry them apart. Avoid using a large crowbar or demolition bar, as this can cause irreparable damage to the trim and may also ruin the wood underneath.

Once you have removed all of the trim, you will need to sand the entire floor. This process can be a bit tedious, but it will help to ensure that your new finish adheres properly. The sanding will also reveal any damage to the boards, which can then be repaired. Once the sanding is complete, you can apply a new stain or varnish to your hardwood floors. Choosing a color that compliments your decor will help to enhance the beauty of your wood flooring.

Depending on the condition of your old wood floors, you may need to resurface them rather than refinishing them. A good rule of thumb is to test the thickness of your wood by removing an air vent and looking at the flooring from above. If the flooring is solid and thick, it can be refinished, but if it’s an engineered wood floor with a thin top layer, you will need to consider a different option.


Refinishing your hardwood floors is a big job and can take several days to complete. The best way to get an idea of how long it will take is to ask a local flooring professional for a free consultation. Then, they can help you decide on a color and stain and make all the arrangements to get the work done. They are fully trained in and supported by Bona’s full line of professional products from dust-free sanding to finishing, so they can get you all the way to “refinished” with minimal interruption to your daily life.

Often, wood floors can become dull and damaged over time. Refinishing can restore the original look of your floor, making it a welcome addition to your home. It is also a cost-effective alternative to replacing the flooring altogether. Refinishing your hardwood floors can also add value to your home if you plan to sell it at some point.

A few indicators that it is time to refinish your floors include:

Major scratches or gouges in the wood that can’t be repaired by sanding and filling. Sun-bleached areas. This is caused by the sun’s rays striking the wood for extended periods of time.

Changes in humidity can cause the wood to expand and contract, resulting in loose connections between boards. This can cause squeaks and other issues. You want to change the appearance of your floors, like a different finish type or wood species.

When a refinish is done properly, it can last for decades. However, it is important to refinish your hardwood floors on a regular basis to maintain their beauty.

In addition to the aesthetic value of refinishing, it is also very beneficial for your health and safety. If your wood floors are in poor condition, they can splinter and cause injuries to you or your family. Refinishing your wooden floors can eliminate this hazard and will also prevent rotting and insect infestations. Insects like termites enjoy hiding in the cracks and crevices of old wood. Refinishing your hardwood floors can eradicate this problem, and also make your home more beautiful and welcoming for any potential buyers.